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Developing technology to enhance health.

Health is the most precious part of human life, yet most people think of health only during unhealthy periods of life.

Institute of Future Health  aims to empower individuals to regulate health and quality of life using technology.


Perpetual enhancement of health by managing lifestyle and environment.

Future Health: Meta nexus of Genetics, Biology, Sensing, and Data facilitates application of medical knowledge to guide people through lifestyle, environment, socio-economic situation to help maintain health and maximize their quality of life.

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Ramesh JainSept. 5, 2017
Technology Propels Health 
By Ramesh Jain
We are at the beginning of the next healthcare revolution: Being able to develop platforms and methods to manage the deluge of personal, environmental, and social data, while learning to use this information in real time for both personal well-being and the benefit of mankind. Read more on Medium >