Redefining Healthcare Using Innovative Technology

Health is the most precious part of human life, yet most of us think of it only when we are sick.

The Institute of Future Health aims to revolutionize current approaches to healthcare using technology.

By bringing together researchers and practitioners working on cybernetic health, IFH will empower individuals with health management applications that act like a navigation system. This personal health navigator will “reroute” people to improve their social-economic status, lifestyle and environment, guiding them through their medical network to enhance their quality of life.

The IFH vision of future health.

Future Health exploits smartphones and wearable devices and combines recent progress in genetics and biology (“omics” fields), sensing technologies and big data analytics to facilitate the application of medical knowledge and demographic and climate data based on personal models.

Using these models, the personal health navigator will map out optimal diet, fitness and treatment paths based on individual data, such as family history, current medications, and occupation.

We invite researchers, practitioners, educators, healthcare providers, corporations, and others to join us in providing this roadmap to future health.

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